Most of your websites and online businesses are all failures because you suck…

This “blast from the past” blog post is being re-published. It was originally posted in early 2009 on Wanna Develop. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a new thing or two.

Are the websites you are launching profitable? Are the websites getting any traffic at all… Ever? If most of them aren’t then you suck… So lets see, you probably suck at research. You probably suck at the search engine optimization part too. You suck because you are lazy and skipped the basics…But don’t worry, you are not the only one. Many have this problem. Well, you cannot succeed if you don’t understand your mistakes. Most people I see simply ignore their mistakes and carry on to their next project… Repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

They fail to recognize their silly newbie mistakes which should of only been made once or twice. They don’t want to admit to them. Why not? Nothing wrong about it. You should always want to but unfortunately most people who own many domain names and operate multiple websites have a very short attention span and have a hard time concentrating or getting to the bottom of most issues which may seem complex but really… They are not.

Research is the single and most important things involved with any type of business. If you haven’t figured that out yet… Well, you are gonna keep on sucking for the rest of your life! You need to seriously invest some quality time in understanding the basics and concepts of how having the proper research at hand will benefit your business. Invest some time and money in yourself. You need to understand and learn this stuff instead of relying for other newbies to give you advice on forums, blogs or wherever… Most of the time they don’t know themselves what is going on.

You suck because you are already lost even before you put the wheels in motion. You suck because you have no clear vision and master plan. What are you thinking? This internet thing is kinda competitive if you didn’t already know. It’s time to take it seriously… If you don’t — the joke is on YOU! Ha ha ha. There is serious business people such as myself that will come in your niche and take away everything you worked so hard for or maybe just your spots which you got lucky at randomly without doing much work within 1 month. If you aren’t investing in your business and continuing to strengthen it then another way to look at it is.. It’s getting weaker by the day. Just matter of time before it busts. The clock is ticking. Tick tock… Tick tock! Are you scared?! You should be. This internet websites businesses thing are super competitive :)

I see most of the domainers and web developers stress too much about the revenues of their websites. Even before they launch the website… It’s all they think about… Money money money!!! The single and biggest thing they are most concerned about is “Ok, so how am I gonna make money with my website?? I need money money!! Where is the money?! How?! Whaa Whaat?! I need Money!!!” when in reality, they don’t even have an active or website and neither do they have the traffic. All they do have is fantasies and all kinds of bullshit in their head. Thinking about the monetization is kinda pointless. Waste of time and energy. You first have to launch the website, get it out there.. Get it established. Do the proper marketing in order to pull in traffic and go from there. Step by step. Development is a process. You have to let all the pieces fall into place and let time do it’s thing. This stuff doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long term play. If you do everything right… Cha ching $$$$$

Why would you worry about monetization even before you launched a website?? Why do most people instantly setup advertisements such as Google AdSense and other ads on their brand new sites?? First of all, there is no visitors to your sites.. That means there is nobody to serve the ads to. No eye balls! Who are you planning to show the ads to?!? The bots that are crawling / indexing your sites?? Uhh.. Yea, that is real smart… So, when Google first discovers your brand new site and sees it plastered with ads all over the place — red flags instantly go up. Big time! Ouchie… Why the hell do you want to send out all the wrong signals?! You just launched a new website and here you are.. Already screwing up. Oh, right.. You skipped the basics. Who knew!?!!

This is such a common and newbie mistake but almost everybody does it. It is such a stupid one and it gets you nowhere quick. Google will penalize websites that just pop up outta nowhere one day with ads plastered all over the place. They are “spammy” sites and will not rank anywhere…and they shouldn’t. I mean, come on.. Who needs those crappy sites! You probably scrapped all the content too!! Didn’t you?! So, Google busted you! They killed your site and all your hopes. You had your chance to make a good impression on Google with a clean new page, on your brand new website on your brand new domain name but you screwed up.. You suck! If you only knew the most basic search engine optimization rules/guidelines.. If you only followed the basics to begin with…

Look, there is plenty of money to be made with using scrapped content or affiliate materials that is delivered from RSS feeds or whatever but you gotta know what you are doing.. You don’t need 100% unique and original content each and every time. That is just a silly myth but you do need to know what you are doing on a number of fronts. You gotta learn search engine optimization if you are going to rely on Google to send you traffic. Just hoping for things to happen on their own… That is stupid. It doesn’t happen on it’s own. Get that outta your head. You have to get off your ass and make it happen. I’ll use a few examples.. Some of the most popular DJ’s in the world right now are DJ Drama and DJ Khaled, who have been around for years… They are both mostly into Rap / Hip Hop. Big names…

When I setup websites on dj drama dot org and dj khaled dot org few years ago I didn’t plaster the websites all over with ads immediately upon launch. I set them up cleanly. A little relevant content which consisted of images and some text. No I didn’t write anything on it.. Everything on those sites was from various sources. The sites were put together automatically… Yup. Only thing I did manually was make a few tweaks here and there on the SEO end. So, here we are today… The websites still rank at top 5 results on Google, Yahoo and MSN for their root keywords. Sweet huh? Well… It’s easy, but you gotta know what you are doing. You gotta have the right keyword domain name to begin with and apply the necessary search engine optimization. From there on, it’s only a matter of time. Really :)

It doesn’t always have to be a good dot org domain either… How about suffolk-county-ny dot com which is a county located right outside NYC with a population of close to 1,500,000 people. Our website we setup ranks at the top five over at Yahoo for suffolk county ny, suffolk county new york, suffolk county real estate, suffolk county ny real estate, suffolk county new york real estate, etc… How about new-haven-county dot net?! A county of close to one million population… Ranks top five as well over at Yahoo for new haven county, new haven county ct, new haven county connecticut — which are the primary keywords we had targeted and went after originally. We did this type of setup for thousands of websites over the years… Of course it doesn’t work on Google, but over at Yahoo and MSN websites with dashes still work just fine. You do this x100s or x1000s and the numbers add up nicely. Yahoo and MSN has about 20 – 30% search reach.

You need to know search engine optimization if you want to be truly successful online. You need to apply the correct techniques.. Not just any technique, but the right one!! There aren’t a million of them, but the most common ones that get result each and every time have to be deployed properly on all ends. It involves on-page optimization, content creation as well as link building. You won’t learn this stuff in one day, or a week or a month or two but you need to begin to look closer and examine everything you have been doing and not doing… You can get it down to a science if you truly want to. Go hands on! Ranking websites is so easy… So simple. Most people don’t spend enough time learning search engine optimization though… Not enough time investigating the problems that they keep running into. It’s so easy to give up and look in the other direction, sure.. But you are only making things worse. You suck!! ;)


  1. steve

    I think this post gets regurged every six months.

    Nothing of value here. It is kind of obvious people don’t have the spatial recognition and all the skills to build websites. Do you think after reading this they will think, hey that is me…. Nope. They will think yes, those idiots, and go on failing.

    I tried helping my piece of sh&t friends who basically ruined my business before I figured out how stupid they were. I was shocked to learn they were that stupid. Not only did they understand anything they thought they should be CEO. I soon realized I should never have bothered to help these assholes. But they rated themselves 10/10 when I worked with them. So the real problem is they have to realize they are the 1/10 and get the right mindset and then realize they have 2 years of learning ahead.

    I told them to f off and they cussed and screamed and I said if I screwed you then sue me. Haven’t been contacted by a lawyer yet. If you want to help people help people that are asking for help. Losers will always be losers. Only 1% of the losers open their eyes and take off their blinders. Then they are like wow and can learn on their own. The rest will just ruin your life and try to take your stuff.

    • You make some valid points, but you should not generalize like that. I’d like to think there are more than 1/10 hopefuls… Anyways, everybody is unique… Bringing different skills and ideas to the table, and it’s up-to them at the end of the day. Everybody needs a good kick in the ass and a little direction. This entire post was about something like that.

  2. So everyone who fails or doesn’t get it right the first time, or 2nd or 3rd for that matter, now sucks? Very encouraging.

    • That is not what I was implying… You need to re-read the whole article again :)

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