NEW! Exclusive Customer Loyalty Rewards Program


Example #1: John is a new client of John has hundreds of domains in his portfolio and is actively looking to slowly but surely develop out some of his domains.

1) John orders 10 minisites at the standard / regular pricing of $199 per site.

2) Two weeks later John orders 10 more minisites, this time around, John qualifies for special pricing as a returning client, and receives a 25% discount on his order of 10 new minisites, saving five hundred dollars.

3) A few more weeks go by and John orders 10 more minisites. This time around John qualifies for an even bigger discount, 50% off his entire order, which will be applied towards the average amount of sites per order from his previous orders. In this case, it is 10, saving John a cool one thousand dollars.

4) Another few weeks go by and John orders another 10 minisites. He receives a discount of 75% off his order and gets the sites developed for a fraction of the cost and almost for free!

John has now placed 4 separate orders in the last few month’s, bringing the total to 40 developed minisites. John is now eligible to receive his fifth order of up-to 10 minisites developed at no charge as part of our customer loyalty / rewards program.

So, what we did was  average out the amount of minisites from each previous order to determine the credits / rewards to be given. In this case, it was 40 minisites divided by 4 orders, which comes out to 10. John will receive ten credits worth $199 each to be used towards domain development of minisites OR stores. That is $1,990 in domain development services at no charge.

* The credits are non-transferable and cannot be re-sold, traded, etc. To qualify for discounts, minimum order must be $1,000. Already discounted development services do not qualify for the customer loyalty rewards program.

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