Speak up… Don’t be afraid of Monster, Latona, Berkens, Allemann, etc.

Since day one at WannaDevelop.com I’ve been trying to bring that “rawness” and transparency… Something too many other websites and blogs in our biz have been missing. Now with some of the stuff I’ve published over the years, there has been a lot of controversy and lots happening behind the scenes. Without getting into too much details… Let me just say “legal” types of stuff which would seriously shake up some people’s biz.

Soooo.. I’ve had C&D (cease and desist) letters sent over more than a dozen times to take down content which apparently was not true / slanderous… I’ve also received multiple threats of lawsuits as well alleging all kinds of bullshit, but I never got scared. I never backed down. Not one bit. I never took down the stuff I put out there, because I know it is 100% factual information and I stand behind it all day, everyday, rather comfortably too. I sleep at night just like a baby… ZzZzZzZZz!! And it’s not because two of my brothers happen to be attorneys. I swear! :)

If there are consequences, so be it… That is life. Gotta make the tough decisions. I’ve wrote pieces criticizing Rob Monster and Epik’s development services… Rick Latona’s development services and auctions… Michael Berkens’ investments… Andrew Allemann’s industry coverage… Don’t remember some of the others or who else I’ve criticized or wrote about over the years. Names aren’t popping up in my head, but I am sure there were others as well.

Agree to disagree but have respect

Still though, that does not mean I don’t like or absolutely hate these individuals… I just don’t see eye to eye with them on certain things. That is about it. There is freedom on speech in our country, and you can critisize whoever you want… Your neighbor… Your friends and family… Your industry peers. Even the president. Gotta love it!

So my friends, don’t be afraid of anybody. Always speak up… The good and bad. Whatever issues are. If it matters to you, go for it. Write about it… Put it out there. Let your voice be heard. Like Rick Schwartz always said… I love his line “CHARGE!!” :-D

#1 video on youtube for “never scared” is right below. Wait til’ busta does his thang. Wooh!


  1. Must've missed it

    What was your criticism of Berkens’ investments?

  2. Reader

    “Don’t be afraid of Monster…”


  3. Mark

    This industry is insecure and insular – people take things way too personally. Your post on Ron Jackson was polite, respectful and in my opinion 100% true – but Frager (not that he matters) made it sound like you blasphemed the pope.

    Let’s face it RJ provides a truly great service and does an excellent job writing about the industry – but he is a bit behind the curve. Anytime someone goes on and on like he does about the quality of Rob Grant’s websites you know he is working in a bit of a vacuum. (for the record – RG has great domains…but pretty terrible websites)

  4. W.A.

    You really called the whole, “monster” epik mass development flaw. I feel bad for all those people that wasted $x,xxx – $xx,xxx and they ain’t getting their money back either.

  5. Bill

    You have many valid points but you still come off as a total douche

  6. TomekL

    It’s not about being scared ! It’s about respect to guys who move this industry forward ! Everybody does things differently !

    That’s why You don’t call Your Grandfathers magic trick “lame” even tough You know how he does it ! Out of RESPECT !

    You said You don’t take everything too seriously and like good laugh ( i think that was reply to Shane comment) ! Too bad You always seem to laugh from others ! Try to laugh from Yourself every once in a while ! It’s fun ;-) You’ll like it !

    If You dont get the thing bout respect , please watch Godfather over and over and over . . .

    Btw. I Respect You !

  7. Jakes

    I don’t always agree with your style but I certainly respect your integrity. And, there are a lot of people out there who really appreciate you for the truth you tell about what you see in the domain world. There’s a couple of people that really p*sses off, but they only display their own irrelevance when they come out and say so.

  8. Peter

    After having read your piece on Ron Jackson, I actually thought you had been too nice to him.

    Because when I first saw the headline of that post, I was certain you were going to criticize his reporting.

    Since you didn’t go that far, let me do it. As everybody else says, I am sure Ron is the nicest guy on earth. Well, that is the exact problem. Because I can’t remember having seen him write a critical article about any of the industry’s main players.

    Ron writes great feature peaces and regular news updates, but where is all the bad news that investigative journalism could bring about?

    In Ron’s world, everything in domaining seems to be just wonderful. (The same goes for Morgan Linton, by the way. Never a day without a post about how great something is.)

    Positive stories are certainly fine, but surely with Jackson’s in-depth knowledge of this industry, he must have loads of not so good news to report. If he does have it, he should report it. Domainers deserve to get all the facts.

    Andrew Allemann at Domain Name Wire does have these stories, and I applaud it. But I guess we are not going to see a negative story about a certain Indian company anytime soon.

    So while I agree that DNJournal.com needs a graphical facelift, my request to Ron Jackson is: Could you please stop being so bloody nice?

    PS: Bring it on, Owen Frager. For someone who claims he “helped Alcatel, Citrix, and Ricoh open new markets and accelerate growth”, but who still needs advertisers on his BlogSpot site, I really don’t care much.

    • Yes, you have a good point.

      Ron Jackson has been putting out that feel-good-stuff forever… Don’t hold your breath for this to change anytime soon.

      It is what it is… Moving on :)

    • Absolutely agree. RJ seems like a nice guy but is anything but neutral. I dont believe that he intentionally misleads people, he just knows the game and tows the line at all times. Linton is the biggest wannabe in the industry, and allows paid pumper posts which is dispicable. I wouldnt trust anything that guy says or does. I feel bad for the noobs who dont know better.

  9. Mike

    I like your style man. I can care less about rob monster.

    Rob really robs people by selling his epic bucks n link farms. He has no innovation whatsoever. Zero:)

    Thanks for good laugh n good post. N people who call you doche bag are douchebag themselves.

    Way to go mike n I respect you!

  10. Hi,

    i find your font hard to read. Can you change it to something clearer ? ;-)

  11. Jakob

    such a legit song

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