Scandals and controversy is very good for biz $$$$$$$

This “blast from the past” blog post is being re-published. It was originally posted in mid 2009 on Wanna Develop. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a new thing or two.

Yes, that is right… Some scandalous shocking news, reviews and controversy is very very good for business. Some of the most popular posts that I’ve published here that have received the most traffic and continue to receive the most traffic and drive the most sales consistently after many month’s of getting published are some pretty “controversial topics” such as the billion dollar domain typos empire and other exclusive insights and “revelations” of those domainer seo millionaires and so on. You get what I am saying…

There is good press which is nice, where people are all “positive” and then there is bad press… But who cares? It’s still press. You get mentioned. You get your name out there. Of course you don’t want to have only bad press about you coming out day after day out there but you get what I am saying. A little bit of this and that really won’t hurt. Things are also quickly forgotten here on the internet. You are hot for a few days and then… What happened? Uhh.. ??! Nobody knows who you are and nobody knows what even happened :D

For example the most recent auction of 2,600 real estate longtail domains that didn’t sell earlier this week. It was no surprise… They are worthless. But guess what? It got lots of press leading up to the domain auction and still continues to receive some press and is being talked about in the blogosphere because of it’s big time failure. The owner will find a buyer for at least some of the domains, thanks to this.. I have no doubt in my mind. Good PR… Bad PR??! Who cares… Your name is out there and it’s damn cool. Best part is that it is FREE. Get it?

One of my friends, who also happens to own a nightclub here in NY had a funny thing happened to her club… Few month’s ago one of the bouncers got shot in the ass by trying to break up a fight. He was trying to help the guy who was getting the shit kicked out of him, but instead that guy pulls out a gun and shoots the bouncer in the ass… Go figure!! Anyways, the story gets big time press coverage here locally and runs in the newspapers for a few days. Also on the TV a couple of times per day. Everybody now knows about the nightclub!!

The club isn’t anything fancy shmancy, and it’s not in NYC.. Just a decent club in the suburbs a short 30 min drive from the city. Sooo… Next week following the incident, the club is freaking packed to full capacity. All the “bad press” did wonders for her business. Then the following week as well… Business is as good as ever and all it took was some guy getting shot in the ass. LOL :0

Then also I was exchanging some notes with the fella who happens to own Miss California has been in the news a lot as of late for various reasons.. Mostly because of scandals and controversy and whatever. Nobody really cares about her to begin with, but when there is some bad press… People are making money off of it. Companies are selling magazines. Bloggers are publishing posts, pulling in lots of traffic and making lots of money. That is how it is… Scandals and controversy is really great business.

I have made a lot of money from controversy and scandals over the years. Some directly off of this website most recently by publishing certain posts which weren’t really meant to do so but for some it apparently hits close to home. Some off of others people’s actions or mishaps, which were unfortunate… But it is just business. Nothing personal. Really. So don’t take it so personal will ya!

Last year I had a pretty weird encounter. I was in Madison Square Garden in NYC watching the Roger Federer VS. Pete Sampras match. I was lucky enough to get one of the best seats because the event organizer, Ivan Lendl, is a close friend of my brother. So we got to sit with all of the “elite” folks. A few rows below me, I spotted Tiger Woods. I could hear him talk, laugh, etc… He was sitting with his beautiful ex-model wife. Her name is Elin Nordegren.

It’s funny because we had a website setup about Elin Nordegren a while back and made a lot of money off of it under the most unfortunate circumstance. It was late 2006 and during the Ryder Cup… An Irish magazine published a nasty article titled “Ryder Cup Filth for Ireland,” which displayed naked pictures of some model who looked like Tiger Wood’s wife and claimed they were of Nordegren. I can’t even imagine how much trouble it caused for Tiger Woods and how it effected his game play. Shit… But this happens. That is life!

Well, our website was the exact match keyword domain in .org and it ranked #1 on Google, Yahoo and MSN. On the few days that the controversy was going on.. It got lots of traffic. Over 100,000 unique visitors within something like 48 hours… Then the traffic died down slowly as bloggers stopped writing about it.. Magazines were read and trashed…and the new scandal was already making news headlines and this was already well forgotten. That is how it works folks.

So yea… Tiger Woods got his IMG crew to quickly UDRP us and “won” the domain back. They never actually took possession of it though. It expired and of course eNom kept it. We made lots of money with it when we owned it though. Not talking about a few hundred bucks or a few thousand either. Big big money in sending horny visitors to porn celeb sites… Those convert very nicely… I am sure Marchex made some nice money as well off of that domain because they own the dot com which has always been parked. Heh heh…

Anyways, when I was sitting with Tiger Woods, watching the tennis match for about 3 hours… I was asked if I wanted to meet Tiger and say hello, etc. I said “NO” because I felt uncomfortable. This was probably my one and only chance to actually meet the man but because of our “history” I couldn’t.. Funny shit, right? LOL :0 Well, it’s all good. Shit happens… But I did get to say hello to Donald Trump that night as we were leaving. He was also in the house and I shaked his hands and exchanged a few words. That was pretty cool :D

So it’s really nothing personal. Just business. Everybody thrives on controversy and scandals are good for biz. No denying it. It’s been going on for a long long time and will continue to go on forever. Don’t really need you to lecture me on ethics or whatever.. Save it for somebody else. I know that owning thousands of other peoples domains and making money off of them isn’t so nice…

You really don’t get anywhere in life or business by playing it 100% of the time nice and trying to please everyone. If there is money to be made.. I am there and so should you be. Risky biz = good money. Better know what you are getting yourself into though. This game ain’t for rookies and it definitely ain’t for the weak. You have to be able to calculate all of the risks and take lots of heat if need be. If you can’t… Well, it will all backfire. Good luck to you and hopefully you learned a thing or two from the examples provided. Cheers!

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