Keeping it on the hush hush…

I was having a nice little convo with a domain investor / developer and all around successful businessman who has sold probably at least mid 8 figures ($XX,XXX,XXX) worth of category leading domains, mostly in the medical and health niche.

One of these domain sales in recent years was for close to $20M and it was an all cash deal. As far as I know, it is the biggest domain sale… EVER. Beating which closed at $13M not so long ago. But what’s so amazing about Mr. hush hush is that just within the past 30 days alone he scored another huge sale for close to $6M to a publicly traded US company who has a market cap of about $1.5+ billion, so it was a drop in the bucket for them and a good deal ;)

Sooo… “Why haven’t these sales been reported?” I asked… and the response I got can pretty much be summed up in a few words “who cares? I don’t need the spotlight” and that is so true about some of the biggest and most successful players in the domain biz. Nobody really cares for the spotlight. They go about their business quietly… Doing what they do.

I can definitely relate to Mr. hush hush… I am a lot like that myself. When I popped up onto the domaining scene in 2003/2004 I went about my biz quietly, not drawing too much attention. Not making too many friends or enemies. I did my thing, and preferred to do everything behind the scenes, it had it’s advantages…. Along with some disadvantages too, but that’s how it is.

Like many successful entrepreneurs and businessman, privacy is something closely guarded. Not everybody do what they do to be rockstars. I personally don’t care to be a rock star… I don’t need the spotlight. I’ve tried to avoid it all my life, both personally and professionally.

I haven’t been to all of the domain conferences or facebook or twitter shmoozing like crazy, as most people do, even though my business could have expanded 100x… I don’t blog about every little thing I do online and offline either, because really, once you put something out there on the internet, there is no going back. Privacy is something I want to maintain and nowadays is a luxury.

Hell, today I went to my barber who I have been going to for around 9 – 10 years and the only thing that was said in the 20 mins that I was there was “how are you?” he asked and my response was “great, the usual please, thank you” and then a Goodbye when it was time to leave. He only knows me by my first name, Mike, and that is all he knows. So you get what I am saying…  :)

I don’t care to conversate with too many random people or get friendly. I like to maintain business relationships and then a few true friendships. I like to get in, get out and get to the next thing… I am sure some of you may think it is weird, but it is really no surprise that most successful people are the way they are. Of course I haven’t had tens of millions of dollars in domain sales, and it’s not that I am a dick either… I just have a certain way of doing things.

I like my privacy… A lot. I do some things a certain way online in order to keep a relatively low profile, well, maybe not so much with this whole blogging thing as of late but I try… Just like I do offline consciously by by paying cash everywhere… Staying away from small talk… Avoiding people who do nothing but waste your time and have agenda’s, etc.

It’s a complex world out there in 2011.. Privacy shouldn’t be taken for granted. You have to actively protect it and stay on top of these things.


  1. Cool story

  2. This is a really tough decision for me, privacy or go global. Some food for thought! You have a great unbiased perspective like a third eye on all you see Mike!

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