Making sense of the Meet.Me $450,000 Sale…

I am sure many domainers and outsiders have been trying to make sense of the domain sale… But not all domain sales make much sense if any, don’t you forget!! Not sure why the company who already owns needed the domain, but I guess they had the funds available and didn’t mind dropping those $450k on a domain and considered it a good decision for one reason or another.

But yea, they surely aren’t the first to spend a huge sum on a domain as part of what I would call a “defensive strategy” which in my opinion is exactly what the reasoning behind this domain acquisition was… Protecting their trademark/brand of a product/service they have been pushing and well known for from within the conferencing industry. Nothing more and nothing less.


.Me Domains

ConferencePlus Inc. dropped $450,000 for the domain --- Rick Schwartz, Michael Berkens and Ammar Kubba scored big!!


It’s not that .me domains are the next big thing all of the sudden and this company got in early… Or that there was something absolutely awesome and so special about this particular domain and not the hundreds of other keyword .me domains that deal with the conferencing business… It just so happened, in my opinion, that the company wanted to secure the variation of their already existing domain at this time in history.

About — The new Owners

Conference Plus, Inc. is a subsidiary of Westell Technologies, Inc. A company that designs carrier-class equipment that delivers high-speed communications for tele-communications operators and internet service providers throughout North America and Europe. The company is listed on the NASDAQ (Symbol WSTL) and has a market cap of approximately $137M.

ConferencePlus believes that conferencing should not only change the way you do business – it should improve your business processes by increasing productivity and simplifying your business day.


We are dedicated to making you and your organization look good by providing audio, web and video conferencing services that help you maximize every meeting opportunity – anywhere, anytime. Our goal is to ensure that each event is a productive, positive, “no surprises” experience. Simply stated, ConferencePlus delivers conferencing services that can become as simple and ubiquitous as your telephone system.


ConferencePlus can help you take advantage of the many benefits of web conferencing – including decreased travel time and expense, increased collaboration and improved communications. Our services are available in flexible offerings with optional add-ons and enhancements, and are backed by the support of helpful, knowledgeable representatives.


We have been providing full-service customer-focused conferencing services for nearly two decades – we know what is effective, we support all conferencing media and we know how to help our clients use conferencing to cost-effectively enhance productivity.


  1. Many domain sales are hard to figure out, but it all boils down to something being worth what the buyer is willing to pay. This company feels they can benefit from the domain at that price. It is a short, meaningful, memorable domain that fits their business. Maybe they’ll build an app on it, who knows. I bet this won’t be the last big .me sale we see from the seller group, will probably get a great price too.

  2. Good explanation about the sale.

  3. nord

    Sales prices can indeed reflect exploitation of buyer’s brand / idea as much as the value of the domain.

    An item is worth what a buyer is willing to pay. The fair price is something else entirely. The buyer should only have to beat the next best bidder. Domain market is one of the few where sellers get to ignore this rule.

  4. I guess ConferencePlus should receive “They get it” domain award!

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