All about exclusivity and building relationships at the end of the day..

This “blast from the past” blog post is being re-published. It was originally posted in mid 2010 on Domain Stryker. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a new thing or two.

Exclusivity in your personal life and business too is a beautiful thing… It all starts with building win-win relationships and trying to shoot for the long-term. Thinking big. Helping and supporting each-other all along the way. None of this comes about overnight, but when it does happen, it is so awesome. One you are there, many annoying little issues and doubts disappear and you are all set. Mind 100% clear and you are ready to take over the world. Woohoo!

I personally haven’t had many of these long term relationships in my life because I am still in my early 20’s and for a very long time I hated anything that seemed permanent because things get old / boring really fast for some reason but as of late it is something I’ve been a lot more aware and focused on: exclusivity and long-term relationships…. I want em! Bring em on. Starting to like them more and more.

Just thinking about it all, my longest business relationship I’d have to say would have to be with Nike. Funny, right? Not what you probably expected to hear, but as I recall it all started when I was 4 or 5 years old and on a Tennis court of all places. My tennis pro was all about Nike and I had to have everything he did, because he was somebody I looked up-to and really good at what he did… So I told my parents I want everything Nike. Shorts… Shirts… Underwear… Socks… Hats… Bags… Shoes… EVERYTHING. Plus it rhymes with my name. Can’t go wrong with that!

Fast forward almost 20 years later and I am still about Nike when it comes to athletic stuff. I have nothing against Adidas or the other top brands. I think they are alright… But I just love Nike and won’t have anything else. We have an exclusive relationship as far as I am concerned. I refuse to wear anything other than Nike. I love their products and I support them.

Exclusivity and relationships make things a lot easier in life. It is when you establish the fact that you are happy with whatever product or service that you are getting and you know exactly what you want and when you do get it everytime, when it is time… It’s exactly a perfect and good match. All expectations met. Pleased…. Happiness!

I don’t think too many other people are as obsessed / attached as me to one brand… But I have my reasons. Everybody out there is just all over the place, looking for sales… Looking for the new trends… I say screw that. It’s too chaotic and a waste of time. Keep it simple. Stick to something good and something you know that works. Can’t go wrong with that. Right?

Been trying to get this through the head of my GF who spends way too much time shopping, but she’s not ready to settle down yet… There is the fun factor and the excitement in shopping for new crap… New brands just released… Something very emotional and fulfilling about it all that has to do with the human psyche. “The chase is better than the catch” outsiders will say, and I am in agreement. LOL :)

In order to work more efficiently, get a lot more bang for your buck and be more successful in life you need the exclusivity and relationships…. So with whatever business it is that you are in, try to focus on doing just that. Getting the seeds planted and then building a strong relationship which can hopefully turn into exclusivity one day. When that does happen, it’ll be a beautiful thing, for both sides. Win-win.

I started blogging about the topic of “domain development” and domaining in general a little over 2 years ago and a lot has happened since then. Met a lot of people. Did a lot of business. Lotsa kinds of relationships were established, but the ones which are/were the most successful are from like-minded people who think long term…. With every new project that we work and launch together, the more dedicated and exclusive we become to each other.

Once again, it doesn’t happen overnight… Nothing does anymore. Something I have to always remind myself. I’ve never been the most patient person, but slowly and surely I am getting there. Hell, I am now preaching this to clients almost every other day and trying to explain this stuff…. Patience… Important… A must… Breathe… Blah Blah… Isn’t that crazy? Who would of even thought.

There has been many people doubting what it is that we do as far as domain investing and mass development goes… Met plenty of haters and newbies who have no idea what they are talking about… Many cheering for failure and taking shots here and there but hey, look at me… Look at us today. We are still around, alive and well. Not going anywhere anytime soon either. Just getting started… Got a long way to go. So, looking back, 2 years is really nothing. Seeds just got planted… Real work is just beginning. Time to get down and dirty.

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