Franky opens up — Why?

Some pretty cool and interesting data is now available from as many as 1,000,000 domains for sale on the platform… But why did Frank Schilling and the NAMedia team decide to open up the platform and unleash all of this data about the new “marketplace” you must be wondering!?? It wasn’t just for the hell of it, you know.

I think the reasoning behind this latest move is mainly because this data will get the new sales website/platform a lot more attention and create a consistent buzz week in and week out from all of the industry’s bloggers / evangelists and maybe even outsider media. It’s a nice organic growth strategy. Sedo and Afternic do it in a similar fashion, so good to follow in the leaders’ footsteps. Can’t go wrong with that :) Marketplace marketplace is home to over 1 million domains


The newly launched website isn’t the greatest marketplace, but the content / data that is available is pretty cool and interesting. Good to have these kinds of insights from one of the largest domain portfolio holders in the world. I am sure the site will get a few updates and makeovers over the next few month’s as feedback comes in. The postboard looks pretty tacky to me personally, and I am not too crazy about it to begin with because everything looks to be just cramped in a little space… Lacks any real purpose and functionality.

Other than that, congrats on the launch and much success! We’ll surely all follow this new marketplace, which seems to be very promising. Lets hope and pray that it sticks around for a long time and does better than all of the countless other next-greatest-thing in the world domain sales websites/marketplaces that have launched with some initial buzz and quietly disappeared shortly thereafter.


  1. I think the site will definitely have some changes but it helps to show the domain market in a way most investors are used to (scrolling tickers, bids and offers, etc). It helps the average person to see how active the domain market is, and that’s good for all domainers.

  2. I don’t like the scrolling quotes…makes me dizzy…also makes the site run slower.

    Franky…you do a much better job parking domains than creating websites…stick to parking!

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