What are YOU doing buddy… No, seriously?

This “blast from the past” blog post is being re-published. It was originally posted in mid 2010 on Domain Stryker. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a new thing or two.

Most times people’s actions are clear on here… Everybody and I mean everybody taking part of domaining, be it as a buyer, seller or service provider, has an agenda, and they stick with it. But in some cases, I am left scratching my head, thinking… WTF are you doing buddy? LOL. No seriously, it happens in the domain industry more often than in any other industry I follow. Don’t you think so.. Haven’t you noticed?

The domain biz is unlike any other of course… It’s really wacky. Always has been and always will be probably. The industry is a very interesting and unique biz which consists of an extremely diverse crowd. It’s a truly global bunch and has lots of different characters and lots of stuff that doesn’t make much sense happen daily… Day after day after day. It’s just how it is.

So what am I doing here… What’s the purpose? It’s something I actually ask myself often and have to remind myself over and over again, as well as my partners and staff. I am here to do biz, make money you know? …and create some win-win situations, because as service provider, you gotta make sure to do that. I am here to please my partners and paying clients. That’s about it. Really simple.

No, I am not here to make life-long friendships and develop lasting relationships that can blossom into something totally awesome like in the movies. Not interested in having lunch or dinner with you for chit chat. Don’t want to chat on msg’s or phone either about your problems. Sorry, no time. I don’t try too hard to make anything happen. Sure, if it happens over time, then so be it, that means it was right but as you already know… I don’t kiss ass. I don’t hold anything back either… Never that.

Frankly, I don’t give a shit about you if we cannot align our businesses / interests one way or another and make some money together… I just don’t care about you really. There is a lot of “politics” in this domaining biz, which I take no part of. I am still very bullish on many companies in this biz as well as the future of domains. I try to keep it real, and most of the people we do business with daily through the various businesses we run appreciate that the most.

So what are you doing… Do you have a business plan or a road map to follow? Hopefully you do have a purpose, because just roaming around, won’t get you too far. You gotta have a purpose behind each and every action in order to go places… In the domain industry there are still some undiscovered places and plenty of opportunities for those willing to put in the hard work by staying focused, avoiding all the daily bullshit or at least filtering some of it out and getting the job done at the end of the day one way or another… Through whatever it takes, because that’s what you gotta do to be truly successful


  1. I’ll go ahead and cancel that lunch date thing we had. I’m only in domaining to boost the number of Facebook friends. That’s the true measure of a man.

    • Facebook to me is only good for one thing… Utilizing it as a direct communications channel, via the wall’s, messages and chat. I found a good use for it.

      In regards to the true friends thing… Come on, lets get real. It’s a complicated issue.

  2. That was a joke. I think I may have found your flaw. You need to laugh a little more. You’re always so serious. I can absolutely guarantee there is more to life than making money. It’s called kids, family, and friends and although we need money to make get the things we want, you’ll soon find out that the most precious things you have really have little to do with money. As they say, money is only a problem if you don’t have a enough of it.

    • Hehe… I probably throw in the most LOL’s into my posts from any other domainer blogs… Do your research and see for yourself :)

      I don’t think I take myself too seriously. I like to have fun with everything and I do. It’s never all about the money…. Been there, done that.

      But once again, back to the point… If we cannot align our interests / businesses with one another… It’s pointless. I said it in my post.

      I am not here to waste time and fantasize about this and that. Lets keep it real.

  3. Ironically, I ask myself the same question nearly every time you post.

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